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Get ready to unleash into your most fiercest, authentic, confident and most true self.

This is not your ordinary, good vibes, let's write goals in our journals and talk about a positive mental attitude, ohhhhh hell no.

This is the absolute most transformational experience with yourself, for yourself, where you will learn and master techniques to fully understand who you are, how you operate, and what ways you can tap into your fullest potential to design the life you desire and deserve, that is unique to YOU for the rest of your lifetime.

Let's really look at this for a minute here..

It's January 1, 2024 and you're confronted with another new year ahead of you...
👙 Will I lose the weight I said I'll lose?
💅🏼 Will I take more time for myself finally? 
💍 Will I keep the promises I've actually made this year?
👯 Am I going to dedicate time for friendships?
📈 Did I actually grow, at all this past year? Shoot.
The questions flood your mind like nothing you've ever experienced...

But this time, you know with total confidence that this year, and every year moving forward, you will always have, do, be and achieve everything it is you set out to achieve

You're now..
Taking back YOUR time for YOURself
Still putting others first, but with your boundaries in place
More confident then you've ever felt
Looking in the mirror and smiling back
Not caring about the opinions of others
Looking at situations that broke you as now they've built you
Owning your goals, dreams, and ambitious

All the concerns, fears, stress, overwhelm, overthinking, worrying, and anxiety begins to be manageable and begins to fade...

Like you remember this time where it felt like you would never know who you are again or how to answer those questions of "what do you like to do?" 
...but now, now there is NO question.

It's like you're the most obsessed with yourself with the most unconditional love that you can never fathom having a bad day again because you're living in the euphoria of life as the Queen Unleashed.

Now listen, this doesn't have to get the eye roll, yea right, sounds good for you but not for me reaction. 

This can be your reality.

And it would be my honor to watch it unfold for you.


The Unleashed Experience

The private space to come to and unleash your full potential.

Each month you're in for:

Unleashing Immersion (60 min/ 1x month)
Vibe: "I will conquer each and every day like it's my biotch"
We'll start each and every month with a meditative movement with focus on one set intention for the month.  Enjoy the space to regroup for a new month, set the intention with the collective, understand how your human design directly reflects with the intention and how you can navigate unleashing further in your life.

Strategy Workshops (30-60 min/ 4x month)
Vibe: "I take everything that is apart of me, and amplify it for my great good"

There is a major focus on Human Design inside The Unleashed Experience, Human Design will be unique to you as a individual but will allow you to be placed into 1 of 5 "Types" each week we will deepen our understanding of our specific Human Design type as it relates to that current months intention
(That was set during the Unleashing Immersion).

The Keys To The Lockbox (30-60 min/ 4x month)
Vibe: "I'm unlocking all the parts of me that are ready to unleash"

There are 5 keys that I believe allow you to unleash your fullest potential.  You define your desires, your potential, and your reality of life, The Unleashed Experience will equip you with the self mastery to allow you to unleash it. The 5 keys will take you through deeper work into developing your self mastery and unlock the rooms inside the Queendom.

ARE YOU A QUEEN IN BUSINESS? Consider adding on this:

Monthly Critique Feedback (2 submissions per month)
Vibe: "Check out this amazing'ness I just created, you're going to die! "
Critique submissions are SO impactful, why, because someone else can actually take a look at your work and give you a perspective you may have not considered, coaching and mentorship you didn't know you needed, and the accountability to actually get your work DONE.  You'll be allotted 2 submissions per month and receive a record walkthrough/feedback of the work. 

Monthly Question & Answer (2 questions per month)
Vibe: "I know I already know the answer, but I just want to confirm"
Listen, you can't go wrong with asking whatever it is on your mind as it relates to business.  Take it from someone who was quiet and hid for years, once I asked the questions related to me in my business personally, it was like it finally made sense on how to apply certain elements to my business that I wasn't quite grasping before.  Q&A = game changers. 

Private Podcast (Biweekly Episodes)
Vibe: "I can't stop learning, it's like, my thing"

Every other week you can enjoy a private podcast episode released exclusively to those in the Unleashed Experience for Business. We will cover topics on social media, branding, sales, strategy and systems to grow a business to 6 figures and beyond!

The investment:

111/month or 555 every 6 months 
(Your 6th month is on me choose 555/every 6 )

The investment:
(everything included)

222/month or 1111 every 5 months 
(1 month free with 1111 option)

Get ready to learn how to:

🥂 The value of yourSELF (even if that feels so far gone in this moment, sit tight)

💃🏽 Feel REALLY F*CKING GOOD while being yourself in your own skin

✨ Get (and stay) in a consistent with your own self care practices 

🧠 Capture who you are at a deeper level, hello Human Design, we are unpacking who you are before any of lifes conditions stepped in  

👑 SIMPLIFY the hell out of your mindset and just tap into your truth, when we quiet out the noise and the factors in life we are just left with ourselves and our truth, which we WANT!

And I hope you know by now that when you grow in yourself, your business grows as a side effect.

Questions you're thinking:

Will this space help me to heal my inner thoughts?
I believe it will, I believe this space is here to support women through rewiring their inner thoughts and changing their perspectives from negative to positive.  And although we are not licensed therapist, it can feel almost therapeutic to come into this space and open your heart without judgement.

Can't I just hire a therapist and love myself that way?
Yes, and I recommend it if you feel there is deep, serious work that requires a licensed professional, please seek that, this is not to replace or alter any insight that can come of those spaces.  This is here to embrace life experience on a level of fellowship with other women. 

When will the calls take place?
While I don't have a definite answer, I can tell you that each month with minimum of 2 weeks notice, you'll be provided the calendar of events to attend, but let's say you can't show up live, we've got the replay available for you!


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