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The most common package our clients utilize is the social media management package.  Whether we are taking to your Instagram or managing your Facebook group one thing is true is that social media can take up a lot of your time and energy that our clients are happy to gain back. 

From everything such as content creation to graphic design to ensuring your posts are scheduled for consistentcy, we leave nothing out when it comes to managing your social.


Engagement makes the social media world go around, but we all know how time-consuming this can be which then limits you as the business owner from tapping into your zone of genius and serving your clients. 

Through this service, we can take care of your community engagement, lead outreach, and/or simply get behind your social accounts and interact with the ideal audience whom you serve so you stay at the top of their mind.

You love aesthetics and visuals are important to you, however, you're not the master at creating your own design and bringing your vision to life.  That is where I come in. 

Graphic design packages cater to the specific needs of the brand to bring out the visual ques that will help your audience to recognize your brand no matter what platform they're scrolling through.

H28A8144 (1).jpg

Not sure where to begin with outsourcing?
Not sure how your brand is being perceived by your audience?
Not sure whats broken behind the scenes that could be simplified and streamlined?

The business audit is going to allow you 90 minutes of strategic planning for your business and equip you with actionable resources that you can implement immediately inside your business.

Promote your offer with excitement through the on-brand images you'll be able to share to your social media feeds that will heighten excitement around what you're promoting. 

The perfect on brand web/landing page for your audience to land on to bring them into your offer or purchase your product.

Ensuring your experience continues to be top-notch the welcome email will be seamlessly delivered to the purchaser with details on how to access what they just purchased. (Again, on brand of course)

These on-brand story slides can be utilized every time you are ready to promote your offer.  These slides will provide insight into what you're promoting, who it's for, why they should buy NOW, and how to score the amazing offer you're promoting.  

Keeping the on-brand experience alive through to the end, the thank you page will ensure your new purchaser feels appreciated and excitement for what they just purchased.

Need to remind the purchasers to show up for what they purchased? Of course, we will cover that too.

Need a place to store the offer and deliver the product? We will ensure all the dots are connected so that purchaser has access to the product being delivered.

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