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Work Request Details:

Gone are the days of having to wait to apply for services, wait for a "discovery call", wait to be "accepted", wait to get your contract & invoice and then wait to onboard.  

We are streamlining this entire process to make these as simple as possible and the least time-consuming for you! You need to be spending time in your zone of genius, not on calls just trying to reexplain yourself.  That is why we have put together the work request!

One of our unique and special talents is that we truly understand and capture the needs of our clients almost instantly! Once you fill in this request we understand your needs 99.9% of the time.  We will then compile our understanding and outline our plan of action in an SOP or guide where you will be able to approve the document prior to your session to confirm that we understand that task at hand.  If we feel we need further clarification we will outline and identify that in the outline and or request a call for a more thorough understanding.

Simply fill in a request for work, book a working session IMMEDIATELY, receive your working session action plan along with the proposed invoice within 48 hrs, and within a week your work could be tackled and completed!

By the time others are just getting "accepted" we have already completed your work!

What is a working session:
This is a date and time in which you select to be present and available.  This is an isolated focus time where your work is being completed and performed.  During this time you may be asked to review, approve, and be present for feedback which is why we leave it to you to select the time in which you can be on standby for these updates! Gone are the days of lingering day after day trying to wait to catch each other and play phone tag, now we dedicate time to work, a time for feedback, and an true end date to your project/task!

Step 1 - Fill in the request form below
Step 2 - Book a 3 or 6 hour working session
Step 3 - Within 48 hrs of your request submission receive the proposed work quote, invoice and work outline for approval prior to the start of your session
Step 4 - Show up to your session at the selected time and date to review and receive all assets!

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